• Natti Vogel

    Natti Vogel

  • Cindy Johanson

    Cindy Johanson

    @edutopia exec dir, mom, board member, swimmer, cyclist, gardener. Passions in learning strategies + digital media. Tweets are my own, unless retweeting yours!

  • Ricardo Ortega

    Ricardo Ortega

    Branding Consultant

  • Ale Rosillo

    Ale Rosillo

  • Tenacious Feminist

    Tenacious Feminist


  • Falling Apart After Forty

    Falling Apart After Forty

    I’m just an average licensed esthetician trying to survive this shit show of a life. Join me as I try to navigate the waters of getting up off the ground.

  • Max McCormack

    Max McCormack

    PR-er of things @AgentryPR, occasional writer, former band camp DJ

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